Top 50 DIY Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas – DIY Home Improvements

When focusing on design, bathrooms are often overlooked and neglected. Reclaiming your lavatory as a stylish space which fits well with the rest of the house not only increases the value of your home, it can also turn a functional room into a personal sanctuary. Read on to learn what to expect from bathroom design in the upcoming year! To help you navigate this list, it's broken into the following categories: Style Features Elements Colors Lighting Tiles Style: 1. Asian-Inspired Asian designs are minimalistic and serene. Its open, flowing design incorporates natural elements with indoor décor. Walls become curved, showers transform into waterfalls and stone motifs make you feel as if you’re in a garden. 2. Spa-Inspired Spa-inspired bathrooms bring the feel of being on vacation to your home. The design is modern, yet tranquil and luxurious. It turns the bathroom into a place of escape and rejuvenation. 3. French-Luxury French designs are l…
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