Wood Siding Cost: Natural Wood Vs. Engineered Wood Siding – Materials & Labor Costs

Natural Wood - lap / bevel, shakes and shingle, board-and-batten, split logs Wood provides a rich, natural look that many prefer. Some of the other materials on this list (their manufacturers) do what they can to mimic the appearance of natural wood, as the appearance is that desirable. It is a versatile material and has many styles as noted above. Lap, also known as bevel, is arguably the most popular, with horizontal boards being the common appearance for wood. While wood shakes and shingles are also popular, or small rectangular shapes of wood covering the home (though other shapes are sometimes used, which just further demonstrates its versatility). Board-and-Batten is horizontal boards around a structure, or the traditional look for a barn. And split-log is the type of appearance one might think is a home in a forest or on a mountain, yet can really exist anywhere. Each of these styles have varying degrees of complexity for installing and may require expertise, w…
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